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Buildings and Contents Insurance

When insuring your property you have a range of options regarding the type of cover you choose, including:

  • Buildings cover only
  • Contents Cover only
  • Buildings and Contents cover combined

Buildings and contents insurance is available to both new and existing mortgage borrowers and there are limits to the value of insurance you receive. Normally policies cover you for damage to your building or contents caused by:

  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Fire, smoke, explosion, lightning or earthquake
  • Riots, civil commotion, labour and political disturbances or strikes
  • Malicious damage or vandalism
  • Storm or flood
  • Impact or collision
  • Subsidence or heave
  • Escape of water or oil

Landlord’s Policies

Landlord’s buildings and contents insurance is designed to provide household insurance where the property that you own is rented out under a single tenancy agreement.

Mortgage Payment Protection

Taking out a mortgage is probably going to be your single biggest financial commitment. Mortgage insurance helps you cover your payments in the event of unemployment, accidents preventing you from working or sickness and disability. In any of these circumstances you may fall behind with your mortgage payments and you could end up losing your home. That is why borrowers are being encouraged to consider the advantages of taking out mortgage payment protection insurance.

Policies typically cover your payments for 12 months and can also include the cost of your buildings and contents insurance. They are available to both employed and self-employed applicants and can be either single or joint cover.

Our advisers are able to guide you through the various features of the above policies and their associated levels of cover and ensure you find a policy that exactly meets your requirements.

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